50 Came and Went

Some things I’m learning while writing daily

This is my 53rd article in this blog. When I think about it from the past, it feels like a lot — more than 50 seems pretty good. When I think about it from the future, it feels like a drop in the bucket — 365 feels like a long way off.

I’ve already learned a bit about myself. For example, I’ve learned that I sing out loud the old gospel song, “One day at a time, sweet Jesus” on many days. I do it so much that I recently found myself doing it in front of people I would not normally do that in front of. I don’t know more of the song than that so all I can do is sing the same line over and over. Kind of like a mantra, I guess. “One day at a time, sweet Jesus!”

I learned that Hubby thinks he is coming across looking pretty good so far. So, now I’m racking my brain for a good story to share that puts him in a bad light. It just isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I’ve learned that ideas tend to come to me in cycles. A few days go by and I’ve got nothing interesting to say. Then, I’ll have trouble deciding which one thing to write about on a particular day. Nothing about me is consistent.

I’ve learned that I say, “nothing about me is consistent” fairly consistently and that it isn’t really true at all. I think my friends would call me very consistent. So what I really mean when I say that is that I rarely do something that is good for myself consistently. I do things for others consistently all the time.

These are just some things I’ve learned while writing over 50 days in a row. I have three goals in this endeavor:

  1. To show enough self-discipline to write every day for a year.
  2. To gain some insight not only on my past but on what the next 50 years may look like for Hubby and me.
  3. To become one of Anne Lamott’s best friends. I am absolutely fine being one of many!

This is Year 49 …




In no particular order: Writer, pastor, Mama Bear, LGBTQ+ ally, wife, preacher, watcher of TV, seeker, mystic want-to-be

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T. H. McClung, she/her(s)

T. H. McClung, she/her(s)

In no particular order: Writer, pastor, Mama Bear, LGBTQ+ ally, wife, preacher, watcher of TV, seeker, mystic want-to-be

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