When does it get easy?

Habits are hard. Habits are hard for me anyway. Maybe I should correct that to say Good Habits are hard for me. Writing is good for me. I don’t really understand why. I’m sure there are a lot of books by people writing about how and why writing is good for a person’s spirit. I just know that it helps me somehow. It keeps me tethered to what matters while allowing my spirit to lift off. But, I don’t do it. Once I’m in the habit of it, I slack off. And, getting back into the groove is as hard as exercise — almost. So, once again this daily blog is about the difficulties of writing everyday instead of simply being a fresh writing today.

Not everyone needs their words to be OUT THERE. But, there must be a lot of us who do. I know this because the internet is built on the foundation that individuals need to make themselves known to others. And, not just to a few close friends. That won’t do for many of us. We have to put our words out there FOR THE WORLD.

This is the artist’s mind, I think. I like to think I’m an artist. Artists rarely create art to keep to themselves. Artists are called to share their imaginations, their dreams, their visions with others. Some artists are better than others.

This is me today. This is Year 49 . . .



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T. H. McClung, she/her(s)

T. H. McClung, she/her(s)


In no particular order: Writer, pastor, Mama Bear, LGBTQ+ ally, wife, preacher, watcher of TV, seeker, mystic want-to-be