Ted Lasso

The streaming show that is a glimmer of hope

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Ted Lasso is proof that our world is getting better. I was around more people today than I usually am. Ted Lasso, the Apple TV original series starring Jason Sudeikis came up in conversation more than once. I was not always the one mentioning it.

If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso, I will assume it is because you don’t have Apple TV. So, it is time to ask a friend to let you borrow their sign-in information or let go of something else so you can afford the new streaming service.

The series is in its second season. It just received 20 Emmy Award nominations. I will not be surprised if it wins many of those. It is not the easiest show to describe. One person trying to do so tonight said something like,

“It doesn’t seem like it would be interesting. There is conflict, but it is like people mess up, take responsibility for what they did wrong, then make it better. It doesn’t sound exciting, but I get invested.”

I heard Jason Sudeikis interviewed recently about his character. He said that he based Ted on a coach he had in high school. We need more coaches like Ted Lasso. Winning is never the point for him, though he is working very hard to create a winning team. The relationships he builds with those around him is what really matters.

The ensemble is fantastic too. The show isn’t only about Ted. If you have seen it, you love most of them. If you haven’t seen it, seriously, stop reading blogs and go watch Ted Lasso!

I shared my theory,
“I believe this show is evidence that the world is changing for the better.”

Someone replied,
“Or at least that people want it to.”

It is a show about people building relationships and trying to do their best with a coach who only encourages, never discourages. He only builds up, never breaks down.

If you aren’t one to ask “What Would Jesus Do?” that’s okay. Ask, “What Would Ted Lasso Do?”

Let’s all try to be encouraging, building people up instead of breaking them down. It is our way to make a better world.




In no particular order: Writer, pastor, Mama Bear, LGBTQ+ ally, wife, preacher, watcher of TV, seeker, mystic want-to-be

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T. H. McClung, she/her(s)

T. H. McClung, she/her(s)

In no particular order: Writer, pastor, Mama Bear, LGBTQ+ ally, wife, preacher, watcher of TV, seeker, mystic want-to-be

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